Personally for me photography is possibility to tell the truth about people. This is a innermost way of people attracting to be especially candid while  being  photographed by me.

My characters are honest to themselves.They have a strong feeling of beauty in detailes.I enjoy when guests of my shooting open some new channels of communication for themselves, when words are not necessary, when volume and atmosphere do not belong to the place of shooting and a lot of words can be told with just only one glance without any words. I consider that every person is beautiful.

Beauty for me is the truth. To get a really truthful photo you do not necessarily have to be a professional model. It is just enough to find a harmony with yourself and show me your lifestyle. I feel that I am able to see some potential in people's eyes and also I know that I can unleash it. Photography of good quality is your story, your imaginations, your feelings.

My little work here is to create an aesthetic design of your history..


-Portreiture photography

-Commercial and stock photography

- Wedding photography